About the Fulacht

A fulacht fiadh.

The fulacht na Morrígna is a fulacht fiadh—a wild hearth or cooking-pit used by ancient Irish warrior bands (fianna), for a wide variety of purposes, but most especially the preparation of food and the sharing of hospitality and camaraderie within the warband during their time in the desolate wilderness. The larger of the fulachta fiadh especially were frequently associated with the Morrígan Herself, the Irish Goddess of Sovereignty, War, and Death, as Her own hearth-fire.

The Cave of the Cats at Cruachan, home of the Morrígan.
The Cave of the Cats at Cruachan, home of the Morrígan.

Cú Meala has been a practicing Druid since 2008, and is a devotional polytheist dedicated to the Morrígan. Thence derives his religious matronym of ‘mac Morrígna’ (‘son of the Morrígan’), in the tutelary and devotional sense of being ‘of the Morrígan’, rather than in a particularly matrilineal sense (as none of the Morrígna are especially maternal, to
Raven's Hollow Protogrove, ADFbe sure). Cú Meala is a member and Dedicant of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), a modern Druidic congregation, and is the Grove Organizer for Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, which provides a public ministry to Pagans in the Carolinas.

Cait Sidhe Designs
Cait Sidhe Designs

He is also a co-founder and artist at Cait Sidhe Designs, a family-run shop and producer of fine arts, jewelry, and spiritual supplies that caters primarily to the Pagan, polytheist, and New Age communities.


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