The Virtues: Integrity

In working through the DP I have elected to more or less synchronize and as associate the virtues with the High Days, so that I work through a corresponding one every six weeks or so. Because the DP includes nine virtues and eight High Days, I’m doubling up for Yule, and writing about both ‘Courage’ and ‘Integrity’, as they both seem to be primary traits of Týr , the patron God of our Yule High Rite.

Cambridge English Dictionary:

  1. “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”
  2. “wholeness and unity”

Integrity is the fundamental virtue behind both honor and oathkeeping. It is the principle of abiding by one’s word even when doing so is difficult, and so is linked with both perseverance and courage. Moreover, it involves abiding by one’s spoken word and internal values in the absence of witnesses or obvious consequences of betraying those values, and so contains an element of being accountable to oneself and of being an arbiter of one’s own responsibility to act ethically.

In relation to other virtues, integrity acts therefore as a binding agent, a kind of cornerstone supporting and unifying them to act in concert with each other. A person who cultivates and practices the virtue of integrity constantly tills fresh fertilizer into the soil in which all her other virtues grow, so that she can practice them well and consistently.


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