The Virtues: Vision

In working through the DP I have elected to more or less synchronize and as associate the virtues with the High Days, so that I work through a corresponding one every six weeks or so. I write my essay for ‘Vision’ at Samhain, as today marks the foundational Rite for Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, both establishing the grove’s sovereignty and directing the vision for the its future.

Cambridge English Dictionary:

  1. “the ​ability to ​see”
  2. “an ​imagined​ mental ​image of something”
  3. “a vision can also be something ​seen in a ​dream or as a ​result of a ​religious experience”
  4. “the ​ability to ​imagine how a ​country, ​society, ​industry, etc., will ​develop in the ​future and to ​plan in a ​suitable way”

In Our Druidry, Vision is understood as a comprehension of one’s function, standing, and context within the cosmos, as one relates to other people, to the Powers, spirits, and ancestors, to the accumulation of past time that has contributed to one’s existence, and an ability to comprehend likely or possible futures and the consequences entailed by one’s actions. As such, Vision as a virtue includes the ability to comprehend one’s own responsibilities, and possible complicities and privileges in relation to the surrounding environment and culture. Properly cultivated, it is related to and enables one to practice the virtue of Humility, as one is awed by the sheer scope and complexity of the world of which each person is but a tiny part, and encourages one also to Service on behalf of that world.

More simply, Vision may be practiced as a well-defined goal towards which one aims, and purposefully shapes all of one’s actions in order to achieve. For example, if one’s ultimate goal is eudaimonia, the Full Flourishing of the Righteous Human, one would cultivate the virtue of Vision by cultivating a host of accompanying virtues in all other aspects of one’s life.


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